General Dynamics Bath Iron Works

Experience the legacy and expertise of General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, a cornerstone of America's maritime strength. Renowned for building state-of-the-art naval ships, BIW combines historic craftsmanship with modern technology in Bath, Maine.

General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, situated on the scenic Kennebec River in Bath, Maine, is a testament to America’s rich maritime history and technological prowess. Founded in 1884, BIW has evolved from a local foundry to a major U.S. shipyard, now a subsidiary of General Dynamics, a global defense powerhouse. Their expertise in constructing naval ships is unmatched, with recent achievements including a contract for building three Flight III Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. Beyond their shipbuilding excellence, BIW is deeply committed to community and social responsibility. They conduct annual food drives supporting local food banks and actively engage in supporting military and veteran families. This blend of historic legacy, cutting-edge shipbuilding, and community involvement makes General Dynamics Bath Iron Works not just a leader in marine systems but also a vital part of the community fabric in Bath, Maine

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