Our Platinum Sponsors

In the tier of our Platinum Sponsors, each contributing $1000 or more, lies the heart of dedication and generosity that powers the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby. These sponsors not only provide substantial financial support but also embody the spirit of community and shared passion for the great outdoors. Their contributions are instrumental in enhancing the Derby’s offerings and extending its reach. We extend our sincere gratitude to our Platinum Sponsors for their generous commitment and for playing a pivotal role in enriching both the event and the community.


Contributions totaling $1,000.00 – $1,499.00

Northwoods Sporting Journal

Northwoods Sporting Journal offers a rich tapestry of outdoor experiences and insights, making it a beloved resource for hunters, anglers, and nature enthusiasts in New England. With a wide array of stories from seasoned outdoorspeople, the journal serves as a monthly guide to the great outdoors, covering everything from hunting strategies to the joys of birdwatching. Its comprehensive approach, combined with engaging and informative content, makes it an essential read for anyone passionate about outdoor adventures.

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United Insurance

United Insurance, a prominent independent insurance agency in Maine, has been a steadfast partner to individuals and businesses for over a century and a half. From their home office in Portland to branches spanning Madawaska to Rochester, New Hampshire, their team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to solving even the most complex insurance queries. More than just an insurance provider, United Insurance is deeply committed to the communities they serve.

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Maine's Operation Game Thief

Since 1989, Maine’s Operation Game Thief has been a pivotal force in protecting the state’s wildlife and natural resources. This nonprofit organization, powered by a team of dedicated volunteers, combats poaching and other illegal activities that threaten Maine’s rich ecosystem. By encouraging public involvement and offering rewards for reporting violations, OGT plays a crucial role in safeguarding Maine’s diverse wildlife, from majestic moose to shimmering brook trout, against those who seek to harm it for sport​

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WAGM-TV, Channel 8, is the heart of broadcasting in Northeast Maine, serving as the region’s premier television station since 1956. Affiliated with CBS, Fox, and The CW Plus, this full-power commercial station is a cornerstone in Aroostook County, extending its reach into Western New Brunswick, Canada. Known for its high-rated local newscasts, WAGM-TV covers everything from the fall potato harvest with its Potato Picker’s Special to critical weather updates, making it an essential source of news and information for the area. As part of Gray Television since 2015, WAGM-TV continues to honor its tradition of delivering quality broadcasting and community-focused content to its viewers

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