Acadia Federal Credit Union

Acadia Federal Credit Union: A Pillar of Financial Success and Community Support. Since 1963, this member-owned institution has been empowering communities and individuals in the St. John Valley and beyond.

Acadia Federal Credit Union stands as a beacon of financial stability and community development in Maine. Rooted in a rich history that began in 1963, Acadia has grown from small, member-focused credit unions into an influential financial institution with eight branches across Fort Kent, Madawaska, St. Francis, St. Agatha, Ashland, and Bangor. With over 16,000 members and assets totaling over $322 million, they remain steadfast in their mission to enrich lives through exceptional service and community engagement. Their dedication to their members, staff, and the community forms the core of their ethos, earning them the title of one of the “Best Places to Work in Maine” in 2022 and 2023. Acadia’s commitment extends beyond banking services, as their team volunteers over 1,000 hours annually to local causes, embodying the spirit of ‘people helping people’. As a sponsor of the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby, Acadia Federal Credit Union continues to weave its story of growth, service, and community enrichment, strengthening the fabric of local traditions and supporting cherished events like the Derby.

Diamond Sponsor