Our Valued Sponsors

Each sponsor brings something unique to the table, and we've categorized them into different levels of sponsorship, reflecting their contribution and commitment. We invite you to learn more about each of our sponsors by exploring the following levels:


A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of community, passion for fishing, and a commitment to making a difference. This incredible event would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Each year, businesses and individuals from around the region step up to support the Derby, and it’s their unwavering commitment that enables us to create a memorable experience for all participants while contributing significantly to our charitable causes.

Meet Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are more than just names on a banner; they are an integral part of our Derby family. From providing financial support and prizes to offering services and resources, their contributions are what make the Derby a standout event year after year.

  • Diamond Sponsors: The pinnacle of support, Diamond Sponsors shine brightest, providing unparalleled contributions that form the very foundation of our event. Their generosity and commitment elevate every aspect of the Derby experience.
  • Platinum Sponsors: Platinum Sponsors bring a luster of prestige to our event, offering substantial support that enhances the Derby’s allure. Their significant contributions help to create unforgettable moments for all our participants.
  • Gold Sponsors: Gold Sponsors are the lifeblood of our event, offering generous support that sparks innovation and excitement. Their valued involvement helps to sustain the tradition and spirit of the Derby.
  • Silver Sponsors: Silver Sponsors are integral to our success, providing essential support that underpins the event’s operations. Their involvement ensures a seamless experience for every angler and guest.
  • Bronze Sponsors: Bronze Sponsors contribute greatly to the heart of our event, playing a vital role in weaving the fabric of our community-focused efforts. Their support helps to anchor the Derby’s place as a cherished local tradition.
  • Supporters: Our Supporters are the cherished community pillars who contribute in diverse ways to the Derby’s vibrancy. Their involvement fans the flames of passion for ice fishing and community camaraderie.

Supporting Our Sponsors

We encourage our participants, visitors, and community members to support these businesses and individuals. By choosing their services and products, you’re not only getting quality and value but also helping to sustain the spirit of the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby.