Maine Distributors

Discover the rich heritage and expansive service of Maine Distributors, a premier family-owned beverage distributor in Bangor, Maine. With a history dating back to 1964, they've grown to cover 2/3 of Maine's geography, offering a vast selection of high-quality beverages, from domestic and craft beers to wines and non-alcoholic drinks.

Maine Distributors embodies a legacy of growth and community connection, starting in 1964 with just a handful of employees. It represents the merger of two dynamic beverage distributors, resulting in a vast territory covering almost two-thirds of Maine. Their dedicated team, viewed as an extended family, is committed to respect and appreciation, mirroring the treatment they believe their customers deserve. Serving areas from the bustling Bangor to the picturesque Bar Harbor and beyond, Maine Distributors connects with small farming, coastal fishing, and timber towns, fostering relationships that go beyond business. Their facilities boast a fleet of 22 delivery trucks, 25 vans, and a 150,000 square foot warehouse, ensuring the freshest products are delivered efficiently. Celebrating over 57 years of service, “Maine D” as affectionately called by customers, stands as a testament to enduring family values and commitment to quality, distributing everything from craft beers and wines to energy drinks and bottled water​​​​​​.

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