Pineland Farms Potato Company

Discover the essence of Maine's agricultural innovation at Pineland Farms Potato Company. Nestled in Mars Hill, this visionary enterprise transforms locally grown potatoes into an array of ready-to-cook delights, championing both tradition and technological advancement in food processing.

Pineland Farms Potato Company in Mars Hill, Maine, represents a fusion of traditional farming and modern food processing. Born from the vision of local farmers, this company specializes in transforming Maine-grown potatoes into an assortment of refrigerated, ready-to-cook products. Their range includes various cut and mashed potato items, showcasing both quality and versatility.

The company’s growth includes vertical integration with its own farming operation, ensuring control over the entire production process. This approach, coupled with an expansion into dairy products, positions Pineland Farms Potato Company as a notable contributor to Maine’s rich agricultural landscape, offering high-quality potato and dairy products that embody the spirit of the local community.

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